Best exercise tips and rules

This article contains a list of rules and tips that will help you become bigger, stronger and get lean muscle mass. Councils and rules are based on data and experiences directly from the fitness and bodybuilding industry and chatting with professional fitness and bodybuilding athletes. So stay to finish this article and find out what is what will help you build enormous hands or to get a super view of your abdominal muscles.

1. The best exercise for large biceps: Barbell Curl
Although various versions of this exercise need to develop good-defined biceps still chatting with professional bodybuilders best version of this exercise is to use a straight bar. Performing barbell curl with a straight rod to lift more weight in the series with over 10 iterations compared to the variation of this exercise where you use hair bar. Lifting more weight means more muscle stimulation means more and faster muscle growth.

2. The best exercises for proper defined chest: Thrust handed with weights
Recent studies show that exercise squats with weights much less handed includes muscles of the shoulder compared to exercise thrust flat bar (bench-press). Lesser activity in the muscles of the shoulders while performing this exercise means more stimulation chest muscle, and this is necessary for proper development and maximum chest muscle.
best exercise Dumbbell Overhead Press
3. The best exercise to develop the muscles of the shoulder: Dumbbell Overhead Press
According to recent research conducted by the organization StrengthPro fitness dumbbell overhead press exercise activates more muscle fibers in the middle of the shoulder, while less active muscle fibers of the anterior part of the shoulder compared to the military press behind neck exercise. Well developed muscles of the middle part of the arm is what will give you a broad and well defined deltoid, so dumbbell overhead press exercise must have a place in your training program side.

4. The best exercise for massive triceps: Dips
Pushdowns exercise performed using lat machine is mostly used triceps exercise, compared with this exercise for triceps dips are least practiced between novice and among much of the more experienced practitioners. With this practice exercise disagree professional athletes in fitness and bodybuilding. They think that because pushdowns exercises represent single-joint movements is no limit how much weight can be used when performing these movements. On the other hand dips exercises represent multijoint movements that includes shoulders and elbows which means it can be used significantly more weight (here think of your body weight plus the addition of extra weight), and therefore greater muscle stimulation resulting in larger and massive triceps.
best exercise Front Squat
5. The best exercise for targeting the quadriceps: Front Squat
Most exercisers can use more weight when they practice back squat version compared to front squat exercise. However, when playing back squat movement are activated and the muscles of the back box and the muscles of the buttocks, and this means less stimulation of the quadriceps muscle. Front squat version provides greater quadriceps muscle stimulation and this means more muscle growth.

6. The best exercise for the muscles of the buttocks and back muscles Lodge: Romanian Deadlift
All those who make serious and regular training for the feet never left out leg curls exercise that targets the muscles of the back box. Yet very few of them practice romanian deadlift movement that allows raising more weight, and this provides greater muscle stimulation of the muscles of the buttocks and the back box. Therefore insert romanian deadlift movement in your training program for the feet.

7. Best exercises for melting calories: Multijoint movements using free weights
Scientists from Truman State University made a comparison in relation to the burning of calories where they were questioned 8 professional fitness models who practiced perform 2 sets of leg presses and squat exercises. Studies have found that when performing the squat series spend 50% more compared with calorimetry leg presses series, and the reason for this was that in the exercise of squat exercise, which is motion activated multijoint greater number of muscle stabilizers which contributes to faster burning of calories. So if you want to burn more calories observe multijoint movements such as squat, lunge, standing dumbbell overhead press, dips and barbell row exercises.
best exercise Lat Pulldown
8. The best grip when workout Lat Pulldown: Wide grip from the front
Scientists examined 10 professional bodybuilders who performed the following exercises: wide grip from the front during exercise lat pulldown, reverse grip, wide grip and neutral grip from behind while their muscle activity was measured using electromyography. The results showed that the broad front grip when performing the lat pulldown activated most of the muscles of the back.

9. The best time for training: Training Night
Instead of watching TV at night, use this time to have training session. Researchers from the University of Southern Mississippi examined 16 professional fitness athletes divided into two groups, one group did training before 12 pm and other group training sessions done after 19 hours. Training sessions consisted of 45 minute weight training and 30 minutes of cardio training. The group practiced 19 hours after received 5% more muscle mass and 10% reduction in body fat compared to the group who practiced training before 12 pm.

10. The best abdominal movement: Crunch exercises
According to a study at one University Sports Medicine found that exercise is the crunch (abdominal basic movements) exercises targeting all four muscle groups in the abdominal part (upper abs, lower abs, side abdominal muscles and internal abdominal muscles ). Research shows that the explosion and quickly perform crunch exercise increases muscle activity of all abdominal muscles especially the lateral abdominal muscles.

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Best exercise tips and rules This article contains a list of rules and tips that will help you become bigger, stronger and get lean muscle mass. Councils and rules are based on data and experiences directly from the fitness and bodybuilding industry and chatting with professional fitness and bodybuilding athletes....